Ebsray Pump R10F USED pump (bare unit)

R10F USED pump (bare unit) Gas, Gaz, LPG, GPL, Gaz, Propane, Butane. -Our used pump PUMP is designed and precision built for High flow/ High pressure transfer of LPG, AUTOGAS, PROPANE, BUTANE


About the Ebsray Pump R10F USED pump (bare unit)

A complete pumpset could be made on request.

Pumps of the series have a segmental type construction with open vane wheel impellers. The construction of
the pump is a so-called centrifugal combined system. This combination pump is suited with a centrifugal stage in
serial connection before the side channel stages to obtain a more favourable NPSH.

The pumps are used for problem-free pumping of clean liquids at unfavourable suction side conditions. They are
also very suitable for positive suction heads below 0.5 m. The pump is particularly
recommendable for applications in the oil & gas industry. Because of its low NPSH and positive suction head the pump is very suitable for the pumping of liquefied
gasses and liquids under vapour pressure like LPG.

Mileage km
Color overig
Fuel LPG gas
Body style Pomp




Energy label

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