Sihi Pump model 3605, build on frame (USED)

Pump model 3605, build on frame (USED) Gas, Gaz, LPG, GPL, Gaz, propane, butane. - Our used pumps are prepared for reuse in the field. De Visser Trading therefore ensures that the pump is checked by a specialized service-mechanic.


About the Sihi Pump model 3605, build on frame (USED)

The SIHI CEH pump is a self-priming side channel pump capable of handling gas along with the medium and operates at a low noise level. The CEH pumps are used for problem-free pumping of clean liquids at unfavourable suction side conditions. They are also very suitable for positive suction heads below 0.5m. The different material possibilities with uniform dimensions and performance characteristics as well as the standard exchangeable components, make the CEH particularly recommendable for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical or petrochemical market as well as in the plastic or oil industry. Because of its low NPSH and positive suction head the CEH is very suitable for the pumping of liquefied gasses and liquids under vapour pressure.

Specification Pump
Model: CEH 3605
Connection suction side: DN32
Connection discharge side: DN65
Seal: seal conform DIN EN12756
Housing: Cast iron

Performance 1: 5,5 m³/h @ 8bar differential pressure*
Performance 2: 6,5 m³/h @ 6bar differential pressure
Performance 3: 7,2 m³/h @ 4bar differential pressure

*Max 8 bar differential pressure!

Specification Drive:
Motor Type: Electric
Power: 3ph / 400V
Speed: 1450rpm @ 50Hz
Efficiency IEC: IE3
Atex: EExe IIb T3

Specification Frame:
Spark-free coupling and protective cap.
Steel base plate with coating.
Coating according to supplier standard.

Mileage km
Color overig
Fuel other
Body style Overig




Energy label

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